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Deri Law

Since 2006 - Formal Social Security Lawyer

Deri Law - Since 2004

Adv. Oshrat Deri

Israel's Premier Lawyer, Oshrat Deri, exclusivly handle social security law, medical rights, general disability, work disability, work accidents, car accidents, insurance claims, parking permits, income tax examption and medical institute for road safety. She is highly qualified with years of experience.

You cases are handled by a lawyer, who is been working in Social Security as lawyer for many years.

About Adv. Oshrat Deri

Adv. Oshrat Deri is a graduate of the Faculty of Law (LL.B). Advocate Deri was certified as a lawyer in 2004. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University. Adv. Oshrat Deri is a certified mediator from the Gome Institute and has many years of experience in managing claims with the National Insurance Institute and various insurance companies. She began her career at the legal bureau of the National Insurance Institute and served as a lawyer for the National Insurance Institute. Later on she worked as a lawyer at the Menorah insurance company. In 2008, Deri Law, the firm set up its goal to provide its clients with the unique know-how and experience gained over the years by both the insurance company and the National Insurance Institute. Adv. Deri deals mainly with managing legal strategy of complex cases vis-à-vis the various insurance companies and the National Insurance Institute, and exhausting medical rights (disabilities, medical malpractice, income tax exemption, handicapped badge).

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